A hardware design house that design, build, test and deliver Analog, Digital and Mixed Signal systems and subsystems as per customer requirements

Solutions for

Directional Sonobuoys,

Upper Air Souding Sysytems,

High Speed FPGA Embedded Boards

PROJECT experience of the TEAM

DOMAIN Expertise

  • RF/Wireless communication 

  • Acoustics

  • Power Electronics

  • Control Systems

  • High Speed Complex PCB designs

  • 3D packaging


A  lead group of Engineers with 30 to 40 years of professional experience in the design of products/systems in the embedded domain arena supported by  a team of young talents 

  • TETRA Radio systems

  • Software Defined Radios (SDR)

  • RF Wide band PA

  • RF PA Linearisers

  • Gun shot detector systems

  • Mine detector systems

CETRONICS Technologies Private Limited