RF Capabilities:

Transceivers, Low Noise Amplifiers (Receiver front ends) and High   Power Amplifiers (Transmitter front ends)

Transmitter linearization.

Low Phase Noise Oscillators, Fast Settling PLLs and Frequency   Hopping Synthesisers.

Analog to Digital Conversion of RF and IF (A to D and D to A)

Solid State switching of High Power RF and Thermal Management   in RF power systems

Low power and high power filters

Design for EMI/EMC Compliance

Design with Industry standard RF CAD suites.

RF and mixed signal board Design

Digital hardware capabilities:

System Design and Architecture Design of entire digital platforms for   Embedded Systems such as TETRA, GSM, WiMAX and LTE, as well   as Telecommunication Systems such as PSTN gateways, VoIP   Gateways

Design of all kinds of device drivers for the above platforms. Complex   digital multilayer boards incorporating latest K2E series multicore   DSP+ARM processors, OMAP L138, TMS 320C6416,   Microcontrollers, NAND and NOR Flash, Virtex 6 & 7 series   FPGAs, SRAM, DDR3, DDR2 memory chips, High speed   ADCs and   DACs for digital communication.

Designing with touch screen displays, interfaces such as PCI Express, PCI,   Gigabit Ethernet, GPS interface, USB, SATA, I2C, standard   Interfaces for Telecom such as E1 Interface, two wire Telephone/   Exchange Interface etc.

Design of multilayer Digital as well as Mixed Signal PCB Boards of high   component density.

Embedded Software

DSP / ARM  on the Code composer Studio platform with DSP BIOS as the OS, Software development for embedded systems in  a Non-OS environment where highest level of security is needed, Different kinds of drivers for all devices including complex ADCs, DACs, Ethernet switches, E1 interface chips etc, DSP algorithm development for different applications such as Tetra BS, SDR etc.

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